Wolfman (1941)

Bela Lugosi has a very minor role in this movie as the original werewolf, but under all of that gypsy attire it is somewhat difficult to even recognize him. Wolfman is a movie starring Lon Chaney about a guy who is bitten by a wolf and then turns into the wolf he killed and attacksContinue reading “Wolfman (1941)”

River Rat (1984)

Tommy Lee Jones has his first movie with this blog about a guy who stole some money but is let out of prison by the psychologist played by Brian Dennehy, who was also in Foul Play with Goldie Hawn, and along the way he forms a relationship with his estranged daughter. The acting in thisContinue reading “River Rat (1984)”

Commando (1985)

Schwarzenegger is going to cut you. This movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as an action hero who used to work for the military but is now retired. Unfortunately, for his family, which consists of his daughter alone, since his wife passed away, Arnold needs to go back into action again because some random sleaze ball wantsContinue reading “Commando (1985)”

Witness (1985)

Don’t make Ford go full Amish on your ass… Harrison Ford has his first movie with this blog about a guy who protects a kid that has seen a murder committed by a couple of people who belong to the police force. He goes to the village where the kid belongs as an Amish personContinue reading “Witness (1985)”


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