Commando (1985)

Schwarzenegger is going to cut you.

This movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as an action hero who used to work for the military but is now retired. Unfortunately, for his family, which consists of his daughter alone, since his wife passed away, Arnold needs to go back into action again because some random sleaze ball wants him to have somebody assassinated.

Arnold acts like he is going to do the job but instead he quickly escapes from the guy who was assigned to escort him to his destination and jumps out of a plane. He then uses a couple of other guys to find the main villain’s location where he takes down all of the other guys so he can save his daughter.

This is a really dumb movie and despite being pretty simple and straight forward manages to have a couple of plot holes such as I am not sure how we got from his fight with Cook to the plane they use to fly to the island of Val Verde. I guess they find out from the flight plans or what ever at this warehouse, but the middle of this movie really drags and you shouldn’t think about it too much either.

That being said we have a great finale when Arnold kills like a hundred foreign guys and also has a pretty good fight with this other big guy by the name of Bennett. We finish this all off with Arnold flying in his plane as the credits roll and we get an O.K. song from Power Station, which really would’ve benefited more from Robert Palmer still as the lead vocalist for the group. Turn your mind off for this one, something you could definitely do with alcohol, and you might actually enjoy this one.

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