River Rat (1984)

Editorial use only. No book cover usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock (5873294c) Tommy Lee Jones, Brian Dennehy The River Rat – 1984 Director: Tom Rickman Paramount USA Scene Still La Rançon de la liberté

Tommy Lee Jones has his first movie with this blog about a guy who stole some money but is let out of prison by the psychologist played by Brian Dennehy, who was also in Foul Play with Goldie Hawn, and along the way he forms a relationship with his estranged daughter. The acting in this movie is great from each of the three main actors in this but there are many other things to like about this movie as well.

There is some beautiful scenery of the river, the music is great and ranges anywhere from really campy guitar music to some very nice country music and the action and atmosphere are both great, too. The genre is a down to earth adventure story but it’s also got a lot of horror movie atmosphere, too. Scenes such as the murder at the house when they get the money and Dennehy killing this guy in charge of a junkyard have a very sinister edge to them.

Balancing this out are some pretty comical scenes such as Plimpton going skinny dipping in a river, which causes Tommy Lee Jones to flip out. Underneath all of this, though, is a genuine, sincere heart that wants to show the country and the river in the best way possible. It might not be like this all of the time, these kinds of places have a lot of malcontent people who frequently do drugs, but it’s nice to see that somebody actually saw the positive side in small town, country life. Let’s not forget the reason I checked this out in the first place. It features Take No Prisoners by one of my favorite 1980s metal bands, Autograph. This movie covers things pretty well and is one in a long line of movies with memorable music/ songs from the 1980s.

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