Wolfman (1941)

Bela Lugosi has a very minor role in this movie as the original werewolf, but under all of that gypsy attire it is somewhat difficult to even recognize him.

Wolfman is a movie starring Lon Chaney about a guy who is bitten by a wolf and then turns into the wolf he killed and attacks people. He finds out from a gypsy lady, the same one who was taking care of the previous werewolf played by Bela Lugosi, that he is now a werewolf and responsible for the murders.

This is a pretty good movie and features some notable actors such as Claude Rains who was also in the first Invisible Man movie and Lon Chaney Jr. who had his first big break with Man Made Monster before making this movie. There is a lot of good action and atmosphere in this movie and it really kicks things off for the wolfman series, which didn’t really have any sequels so much as a couple of monster mashes that would have the wolfman encounter other famous previously established creatures such as Frankenstein’s monster three times and Dracula twice.

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