Frankenstein Meets Wolfman (1943)

Bela Lugosi takes on the role that he said he would not do just a decade before this movie. How times had changed for the actor…

This was a sequel to two different monster series, Wolfman and Frankenstein. It mostly focuses on the wolfman, though, because any movie with the monster almost always just had him at the end and that was it. The wolfman goes to the castle of Dr. Frankenstein because he wants to die and and gets in a fight with the monster when the monster regains its energy from a temporarily mad scientist who seems to become crazy for only a couple of moments.

This leads to the best scene in the movie and the main reason any of us cared to watch this in the first place, the monster throwing the wolfman around and wolfman jumping on the monster a bunch of times. I thought this movie was pretty good. It had a lot of action and some good atmosphere. There would be a couple more sequels after this one but those sequels both attempted to do too much and if you want a monster mash movie that had some kind of sense to it then this was probably the best one.

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