House of Frankenstein (1944)

This is the third movie in the Wolfman series but it also has appearances from both Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula who is played by John Carradine. I think Carradine might be my favorite actor in this movie, but Chaney turns in his usual strong performance and everybody else is good/recognizable, too. My favorite part of this movie would be the first half before it derails during the second half.

This movie also features a pretty terrible, tacked on romantic triangle subplot, which should have just about anybody rolling their eyes. After the likes of Ankers and Ilona Massey, this gypsy actress is hardly able to compare with them and comes across as pretty damn annoying, either during screechy moments or moments when the actress attempts to have some kind of poignancy but comes across as redundant instead.

This movie is certainly better than the final movie in the monster mash series, which would be the bridge between monster mashes and flat out parodies because the people making these realized that if they stuck with them being serious they would eventually be run right into the ground. We would have one more awful sequel to look forward to before moving into Abbott and Costello territory.

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