Lemon Drop Kid (1953)

Lemon Drop Kid is a holiday movie with Bob Hope. Hope is working at a race track as a guy who gives bad horse racing tips to betters. Some how this is supposed to earn him a living, but I am not quite sure how since I don’t really know horse tracks that well. I only gambled once and won but that was a long time ago now.

Anyway he loses a woman a lot of money by giving her the idea to bet on a loser horse and her friend who also happens to be a gangster threatens to get the money back the hard way if Hope does not pay up by Christmas. This of course sets up the idea that Hope will get help from a bunch of guys including that one guy who was a main character in the Lucy show and of all things Tor Johnson so he can raise the money and save himself.

Hope somewhere along the way learns the true meaning of Christmas, which is thinking of others and all that jazz, and he puts himself into danger to save the money for some old ladies. This is a good holiday movie with both humor and music. Also, it’s got that campy 1950s feel to it and what’s not to like about that?

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