House of Dracula (1945)

Lon Chaney Jr. right around the time he started to slip into alcoholism, a condition that would lead to the decline of his career.

This was the last in the wolfman movie series. Both the wolfman and Dracula go to a scientist for help with their conditions because they both supposedly want to get better. Really only the wolfman does, though, since Dracula uses a transfusion to put his blood into the scientist and attempts to take a nurse for himself before being destroyed.

The scientist who now has the blood of Dracula in him becomes bad, kills a couple of people and revives Frankenstein’s monster after finding it in a cave once again. This time the monster has barely any screen time at all and does next to nothing. The biggest issue with this movie is it is basically the same thing as the previous movie only worse because it does not do nearly as much.

Instead of sinking into quicksand we get the usual laboratory burning down with the monster inside of it. Instead of several good locations, it all takes place at one crummy looking house next to a beach. This is basically the unglamorous B side of the previous movie and it’s clear to see why this was the final movie before Abbott and Costello because by this time they had completely run out of new ideas.

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