Witness (1985)

Don’t make Ford go full Amish on your ass…

Harrison Ford has his first movie with this blog about a guy who protects a kid that has seen a murder committed by a couple of people who belong to the police force. He goes to the village where the kid belongs as an Amish person with his mother and they hold out until the guy in charge of the murder finds out where they are and sends his guys after them.

After a couple of movies with weak plots it’s nice to get back to a simple movie again that doesn’t feel like it was written by somebody who was on something. Harrison Ford does a great acting job and is very natural. I love the over all feel of this movie, which is very ambient but also very natural. The country this movie is mostly filmed in with the village is very nice looking and there are some great scenes such as when they are all building the barn together.

Of course there is some thriller intrigue, too, and probably one of the best nude scenes I have ever seen. If you are going to do one of those, takes notes from the way they do it in this movie because like everything else it takes the most basic of human ideals and revirginalizes them. You’ve just got to love the purity of this movie.

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