View to a Kill (1985)

Roger Moore during one of his final scenes as Bond while some crazy guitar riffing occurs in the background.

This was the final movie with Moore as Bond. This time a guy named Zorin plans to flood Silicon Valley with an explosion and Bond has to stop him. In typical 1980s style most of the plot is sort of like a Simpsons episode with wondering how they got to each point and only the flimsiest of narratives to tie it all together, but like most of the 1980s Bond movies you are focused much more on the style of the movie than anything else.

The two actors playing the villains in this movie might be the strongest part of the entire thing. Christopher Walken is his usual nutty self while Grace Jones who was a famous disco music performer offers a large amount of muscle as a woman by picking guys up in certain scenes and throwing them and even out doing Bond in bed. I’ve heard a story before that she brought a dildo with her when they did the scene in bed with Bond, which of course probably startled Moore quite a good deal. Definitely one of the racier moments in a movie.

That being said she is a memorable character and I felt sympathy for her when she sacrificed herself to save everybody from the bomb. The final scene of the movie is probably the best one with Bond taking on a blimp and saving the Bond girl who was played by an actress who was also in the famous Charlie’s Angels TV show. Duran Duran does a pretty good theme song for the James Bond movie. They will also, at least a couple of them, be doing the theme song for another 1980s movie coming up pretty soon. This was certainly the decade for memorable songs in movies and View to a Kill is just one of many.

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