Terminator (1984)

The first but far from the last movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger for me to do with this blog.

Terminator was the first in the science fiction series about robots that take over the world in the future. In order to stop the machines a guy time travels into the past to make sure that a woman survives so that they can have the son who will defeat the machines one day. While I am not a big fan of all of the futuristic science fiction stuff. I found it interesting when I was a kid but now a days that stuff is pretty lost on me. I don’t really like any of the sequels because those all went deeper into the future stuff.

Pretty much everything else about this movie I like a lot. The action and mood are both great and Arnold Schwarzenegger is great as the terminator, the only villain role I think I have ever seen him in. I heard he was one of the villains in the Batman movie but I haven’t seen it and based off of what I have heard about that movie J don’t intend to see it any time soon either. Both of the main characters are incredibly likable. Sarah is the innocent character thrown into a crazy world, which takes Hitchcock to the next level, while Kyle Reese is great as the guy who is assigned to protect her.

Scenes such as the club when they have their first encounter and even simple moments like when Michael Biehn walks through an alley with a trench coat over his new shotgun have a way of sticking in the mind, which of course is greatly helped by the incredibly good music score. This movie really does rival Forbidden Planet, another movie with a great music score that I already reviewed back in February (scroll through my blog and check that one out, too) in terms of music for a science fiction movie. As to whether I like this or Forbidden Planet more I think it really depends on the mood. This has a lot more action and is one of my two favorite movies for this particular genre.

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