Never Say Never Again (1983)

“I’m getting too old for this shit”, thinks Connery while getting kicked again.

This was the final Bond movie with Connery as Bond, although this movie was considered not to be part of the official Bond canon since it was not made by the same company. That being said, it was still considered to be some good competition for the actual Bond movie that was coming out during this time. They amped up the game for Octopussy because of this and this movie might have been one reason why they stuck with Moore instead of going with James Brolin at the time.

This movie also happened to be a remake of one of the weaker previously made Bond movies, Thunderball. If you’re going to redo one, you might as well remake one of the more disappointing ones in the series and I would be lying if I said this movie did not have anything to offer since it improves on at least a couple of points from the previous movie. This movie gets to the point a lot faster and makes a total farce out of Bond convalescing, which I think is to this movie’s credit.

While at the clinic Bond gets in a fight with a big guy and it might be the best part of the entire damn movie. They poke fun at other elements in Thunderball such as making the jetpacks look even more ridiculous this time around. If you’re looking for just a dumb, yet moderately entertaining movie then look no further than this one because it is dumb, but you might also enjoy yourself a little bit with this one.

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