Octopussy (1983)

This guy was cookoo for Coco Puffs.

This was the next movie in the James Bond series about Bond finding out why a guy named Kamal in India was willing to have a couple of his guys with knives kill an agent for MI6 just so he can have a golden egg that was being auctioned and Bond replaces during the event. Bond goes to India where he meets Kamal and after Kamal attempts but fails to kill him a couple of times he goes to an island where there is a large number of women with another woman in charge named Octopussy. Bond finds out just in time that a crazy German general plans to have a bomb blow up killing a large number of people and setting the world up for World War 3.

You can tell that general is nuts because he is played by an actor named Steven Berkoff who hams it up as much as possible. Quite possibly my favorite scene during this entire movie takes place in a meeting room with a large map where Orlov shows just how crazy he really is. It rivals Drax at the space station in Moonraker when he gives a speech in terms of sheer looniness and I like it a lot.

Bond prevents the bomb from going off and there is a final confrontation at Octopussy’s island. I’m not quite sure who is crazier in this movie, the villain or the guy who wrote this movie because I had to struggle to describe the plot and even when it is explained none of it really makes that much sense anyway. Having this movie on a large scale again after For Your Eyes Only in order to compete with the other Bond movie that came out this year meant they had to go a lot more for spectacle than anything else.

That being said if you can get past the silly title for this movie and turn your mind off while watching it you should be able to enjoy this one quite a lot due to some really hammy acting from Moore who by this time knew it would be one of his last ones and a pretty good theme song representing early 1980s pop music at its best.

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