For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Crossbows are tacky and redneck, but it’s nice to see a fellow archer.

James Bond enters the 1980s in a pretty interesting combination of cultures when a ship is sunk belonging to the British and a macguffin they were carrying on board is stolen by some people who want to sell it to the Russians. Most of this movie is two different groups, MI6 and the generic villains trying to find this sunk ship, but it is not too far from a famous underwater city so you wouldn’t think it would be that difficult to find.

While the entire idea of this missing macguffin doesn’t make a lot of sense it doesn’t really matter since most of this movie just provides a lot of action as James Bond travels all over the place and participates in a couple of different, pretty great chase scenes one of which occurs at the winter Olympics and another of which is a pretty quirky car chase with a car Bond borrows from probably one of the better Bond women in the series, Melina Havelock, a double entendre for For Your Eyes Only.

The secondary plot is one of the better women in the series avenging the deaths of her parents with a crossbow. This all leads to Bond climbing the side of a mountain so they can infiltrate a fortress. I really like this movie a lot. It might be one of my favorite ones in the entire series. The early 1980s vibe is great with the music and all of the action scenes, each of which looks creative but also gritty. This was the decade when people knew best how to make an action movie and you can just tell from watching this one.

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