Munster, Go Home (1966)

Tacky stuff, but what is not to love about this?

I was surprised to realize when I watched this movie again that it was actually pretty good. In technicolor, which might have been a mistake because we can clearly see that the Munsters are even less good looking with their blueish green color, something they are totally oblivious to of course, they go to Britain to take over at a castle that has been left to Herman.

The rest of their family/distant relations do not think too much of this arrangement and attempt to ruin everything for the Munsters family with a drag race to decide who truly is lord of Munster family while using all kinds of tricks to put Herman out of the running. This is a funny movie and I liked it a lot.

The castle is pretty great and of course features such things as secret passageways one of which takes them over a pit of acid that they conveniently climb across with a pipe. They also see some creepy stuff that is meant to scare them but what with them being the Munsters and having a very different view on things they seem to enjoy the proceedings a lot more than was intended. You’ll enjoy this if you like the Munsters and if you like quirky horror comedies I think this will entertain you as well.

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