The Car (1977)

This car will take on all challengers.

This movie is about a car in the desert that kills several people before the police manage to have it blown up. This movie has a lot of good action and special effects. You think that the car has been defeated, but it keeps coming back for more. At one time the police attempt to block it in, but it rolls right over them. At another time it manages to kill one of the main characters by coming through the window like a wrecking ball.

Aside from the good action, there is also plenty of interesting acting. There’s a native American in this movie who is a pretty big guy and you know when you’ve got Indians in your movie and it isn’t actually a western you’re probably in for one hell of a time. I liked all of the characters in this movie and a fun fact about the main actor in this movie was that he was also considered right around this time to be the next James Bond actor. They decided to keep Moore for a couple more movies during the early 1980s but it is interesting to think about what could have been.

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