Return of the King (1980)

What a goof…

This is the third of the animated Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies. It has a lot of sword and sorcery camp in it and some great gothic imagery particularly of the dark fortresses and battles such as Pelennor Fields. People have some issues with this movie such as the large number of songs that weren’t from the book, but I think that is O.K. because while it slows down the beginning of the movie by a considerable amount, this movie really picks up the pace after the first ten minutes and some of the songs are pretty good such as one of my fall time favorites, Where There’s a Whip There’s a Way.

Character designs are all good and range anywhere from creepy such as the black riders and the guarders at the gate of one of the fortresses to incredibly comical or even sympathetic such as Gollum, who in this movie looks kind of like a lizard but gets me to care a lot more for them. Try not to feel something for that guy when he is digging into the dust. This movie picks up where the other two movies left off and finishes things very well. I would say this was a great movie and is a good example of the genre from the early 1980s with things such as He-Man and Thundercats. An essential movie for Saturday morning viewing.

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