Moon raker (1979)

Jaws becomes disconcerted before crashing his lift into a building.

Moon raker was another movie in the James Bond series. This time the spy goes to outer space, which is pretty ridiculous, but it’s the first two thirds of this movie that I like the most anyway. The beginning of this movie isn’t too bad. He goes to the house of this guy named Drax who has a spaceship that was supposedly stolen and Bond does an investigation to find out what happened to the thing.

He then goes to Venice where they have all of the boats and investigates a glass factory and museum. While there he has a pretty good fight with this Asian guy who is using a usually nonlethal bamboo sword to pummel him with. This leads Bond to team up with an American agent who is also an astronaut and together they defeat Jaws by tricking him into crashing his lift.

Then they go to outer space where this movie truly goes off the rails and tries to be Star Wars. While Star Wars was very popular and I’m not surprised James Bond, which was never above ripping off other people’s ideas, see the first couple of Moore movies for good examples of this, decided to copy the popular movie series, I don’t think they really had to do that. I like James Bond for itself.

That being said the actual Bond stuff is pretty good and maybe a little zanier than usual. Making Jaws a good guy and putting him into a couple of different slapstick situations was an interesting decision to say the least. One final thing I would like to say about this movie is how much of an impression the theme song makes on me. It’s definitely one of the better ones in the series and sounds like it is searching for something, maybe its soul. This would be the third and final time for Bassey to sing the song and she does well as usual.

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