China Syndrome (1979)

This was a thriller movie about a couple of reporters who go to a power plant and do some journalism for a news story when an accident occurs at the power plant. The reporters later discover that the accident could have possibly caused the China Syndrome, which is basically an explosion that could wipe out a large number of people.

Jack Lemmon who plays the guy in charge of the plant discovers that some people have been doing shady business deals with the plant, which could put a large number of people in danger and holds up inside of the plant so he can get a news story out about the incident.

This is a pretty suspenseful movie and despite having some filler that doesn’t really go anywhere such as some X-rays that were supposed to be important but disappear and are never brought up again during the rest of this movie, this movie will keep you on edge during pretty much the entire deal.

Jack Lemmon proves he can do a lot more than comedy and Jane Fonda who plays the main reporter in the words of one of the characters towards the end of the movie “does a hell of a job.” If you like good acting, good writing and a good story with a very late 1970s feel to it, then this movie is for you.

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