Lord of the Rings (1978)

At the very least mixing animation with rotoscoping and live action gave the villains in this movie a pretty gothic vibe, which really worked with the fantasy concept.

Lord of the Rings was the second in the animated movie trilogy for the adaptation of the Lord of the Rings books. Even though this movie is called just Lord of the Rings, it does not cover the third book in the series, which was confusing for some people who first saw this movie in theaters and expected all three books to be adapted in the same movie.

That being said, the people who made the Hobbit movie and I liked more anyway did manage to make the final book into a movie later. This movie is O.K. despite not covering the ending. I evaluate it on its own merits, which are just the first two books. We get some very interesting artwork with the rotoscoping process, which I think might be the main reason to see this movie at all.

It is very interesting to observe the artwork involved in this. Some of this movie appears to be shot in live action so it mixes a couple of things together. There are a few annoying things such as characters acting out of character including a highly spasmatic Samwise, but for the most part I would say this movie is pretty good if you like fantasy stuff like I do, not to mention it represents the 1970s pretty well when most people had nothing better to do than sit back and smoke some serious stuff while watching these kinds of movies.

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