Foul Play (1978)

Watching Mickey from Rocky get in a fight with an elderly woman is an interesting experience for everybody involved…

Goldie Hawn has probably her best movie about a librarian who picks up a hitchhiker getting her into a bunch of trouble when the hitchhiker asks to meet her later but also puts a macguffin into her purse along with a package of cigarettes. She goes to a movie theater to meet her new acquaintance but he shows up stabbed in the torso and dies. She is then targeted by the same people who killed her friend and she needs to be protected by a detective played by Chevy Chase and his partner who is played by Brian Dennehy, an actor who sadly passed away a year ago, but will show up in another movie with this blog later on.

They find out that a pope is about to be assassinated and they drive quickly through San Francisco in order to stop the assassination from occurring. I think this is a fun movie if you are not looking for anything too serious. Goldie Hawn has a great performance as the librarian who has decided to take herself away from things in the library. This movie is definitely for people who are more intelligent and want a good combination of humor and thrilling action instead of the trend, which was going towards bigger budgets and less intelligence.

You’ll definitely enjoy this one a little bit, if you are somewhat academic or studious. Also, watch out for one of the villains who is played by the same actor that showed up in a couple of James Bond movies. He always seemed to be a gangster and was in my two favorite James Bond movies.

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