Murder by Death (1976)

Mr. Twain prefers his atmosphere to be murky…

Murder by Death is about five detectives who all go to a house in the country where they have been invited by a wealthy guy who wants to take them all down by giving them a mystery that has not been committed yet but will stump all of them as to who the murderer is. When it does occur, they realize that the person who knew the murder would happen was also the one who has been murdered, which creates quite the mystery indeed.

During the rest of the night they talk it out amongst themselves since it is obvious to them that one of them had to be the murderer and each of them apparently had a motive to kill him. They then go to their rooms and each one of them regardless of whether they locked their doors or not is targeted by a murderer for death. They all manage to escape and confront who they think is the actual killer but will any of the famous detectives be able to solve the crime or will all of them be stumped by a twist ending?

This movie has a pretty good plot because it gives you plenty to think about while never being too confusing or convoluted. Plus it is a real blast to see five famous detectives all working on the same mystery even if they are all just comedians copying the detectives who were played by different actors at one time. We have a lot of talent in this movie and it clearly shows, although I would say David Niven steals the show as being the most entertaining of the bunch.

I just enjoy watching him in this movie since he seems to be having a real blast of it all and gets probably the best one liner in the movie when he comes into the room when everybody else has already figured out what has happened and starts to tell them, only to be cut off by his own wife because “It’s old news, Dickey.” Plus you’ve just got to love his cheeky pun of a name.

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