Key Largo (1948)

Humphrey Bogart is in this movie about a guy who goes to a hotel on the beach and finds a couple of people who are waiting to do a deal with another gang and then take a boat to Cuba. They have the deal but the guy with their boat takes off and they have to have Bogart take them to safety instead.

There are five criminals involved in this deal and most of them are unlikable, although the biggest threat of them all is Edgar G. Robinson. Unlike the previous movie of his I did a review for, this movie is much more in line with his usual roles. He is a top gangster and has his own gang. He likes to trick and bully people.

While at the hotel he kills a police officer who has come after him and is also responsible for the deaths of a couple of local people. There was one thing he couldn’t count on, though, the storm that occurs and it is probably the best scene in the movie. I’ve seen plenty of horror/mystery movies, but few scenes in movies have been creepier than when the storm hits the hotel. Even Robinson seems unnerved.

One of the best things about the movie is how realistic it seems and I could see this being a movie now a days, too. As far as noire goes, this is probably a classic and I would recommend it to people who like good movies. Every so once in a while I do a blog for one of the better ones.

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