My Favorite Brunette (1947)

Peter Lorre, the mainstream person’s version of Martin Koslek.

Bob Hope shows up in this movie about a cameraman who wants to be a detective but gets a lot more than he wanted when Dorothy Lamour gives him the assignment of finding her captured father who has been taken by some criminals who are trying to get their hands on a mineral that could make the stuff you put in bombs, uranium.

Along the way Hope encounters a couple of interesting criminals such as a big guy played by Lon Chaney who cracks nuts with his arms and usually takes Hope around with him by the arm. There is also a knife wielding assassin played by Peter Lorre and I’m kind of wondering if the inspiration for Lorre’s character was based off of Martin Koslek since Koslek, a close Lorre doppleganger, always seemed to be throwing knives in his movies, one of which was with Chaney.

It looks like it is over for Hope towards the end of the movie but a picture he took with his camera saves the day. One of the most notable things about this movie is that it was towards the beginning of Chaney’s addiction to alcohol, just a couple of years after he finished making his Inner Sanctum movies and you can tell there has been a decline with Chaney’s condition, although fortunately in this movie it might make him a little funnier.

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