Hobbit (1977)

Hobbit was an animated movie about a hobbit who helps some dwarves get their gold and home back from a dragon that took it from them. They go on a journey and encounter many different obstacles including trolls and singing orcs. When they reach the mountain home of the dwarves Bilbo infiltrates the place and steals something from the dragon but not before the dragon wakes up and discovers Bilbo.

The dragon boasts of his power and when he realizes he has been robbed he goes to the nearby Lake Town and attacks the town before being killed by an archer. The problems are not over yet, though. There is a battle of five armies between elves, men, dwarves and later the eagles against the orcs from the Misty Mountains.

This is a pretty good movie, although it would be the first time in a while that I don’t have much to say about a movie for my review. I suppose the most interesting part of this movie is hearing Richard Boone who was in one of my favorite horror movies offering his wonderful, deep voice to that of the dragon, which of course made Smaug so much more effective.

I think that pretty much anybody can enjoy this movie to some degree and it is much easier to get through this than it is the entire trilogy Jackson made, which I have always found to be highly unnecessary with its length and amount of content. This tells the story simply and in my opinion best.

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