Rooster Coburn and the Lady (1975)

This movie was about as explosive as the bathroom after eating a bunch of prunes.

Rooster Cogburn was a western about a couple of people played by John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn who follow some bandits that have stolen a bunch of nitro when they ambush a bunch of cavalry people and steal it from them. Wayne is assigned to get the nitro back because nobody else is capable of getting the job done.

Katherine is following them for revenge because the bandits attacked a fort and killed her father. They catch up with the bandits and take the nitro back, which leads to them going down a river on a raft when they have their final confrontation with the bandits by blowing up a bunch of the nitro. The chemistry between Hepburn and Wayne is much better than in the previous Cogburn movie.

I also thought the action was pretty good including the use of a gatling gun at a couple of different times and an Indian ambush towards the beginning of the movie. There is a lot of humor and over all I would say this movie was pretty good. Would recommend to fans of either one of the main actors to see them both during one of their last movies and western fans who like more upbeat, triumphant aspects in western movies.

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