Man With the Golden Gun (1974)

Best duo of actors in the series since Connery and Lord in the first movie.

James Bond has his next movie in the series when he tries to get a macguffin called a solex agitator, which should take care of an energy crisis at the time. His mission takes him to Asia where he encounters both the martial arts culture at the time and a highly skilled assassin named Scaramanga played by Christopher Lee.

After having a couple of encounters with Scaramanga he eventually goes to the island home of Lee and has one of final show down with Scaramanga in the fun house where Scaramanga has all of his duels with arriving challengers including one gangster looking guy at the beginning of the movie who was hired by the midget servant of Scaramanga named Nick Nack.

Turns out that Nick Nack really did prove to be the death of Scaramanga since Nick Nack gives Bond some help during their duel, which allows Bond to turn the tables on Lee and get the better of him. Some people have an issue with the ending of this movie, but I have a dry sense of humor and I thought the final resolution between Bond and Scaramanga was pretty good.

This was a duel of wits after all and Bond’s strategy was pretty witty. It’s just a good thing that Scaramanga with his razor sharp senses did not bother to look too closely at whether the fingers were missing from the Bond dummy’s hand. This is a great movie. I love it. Lee is a great villain with the golden gun. The movie moves along at a great pace and takes care of all the issues the previous movie in the series had. I would say this movie is my favorite one in the series.

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