Robin Hood (1973)

Well, Oode flipping lolly to you, too…

Robin Hood was a movie about a couple of foxes who play the main two characters from the Robin Hood movie. Robin is stealing money from a lion so he can give it to the poor animals that have been taxed a lot. The lion decides to try catching Robin Hood and taxes the animals even more, which leads to a couple of action scenes such as an archery tournament and a final encounter at the castle between Robin Hood and the lion.

I think this movie is O.K., although some people give this movie a lot more credit than it probably deserves. I think this movie appeals a lot to hicks for some reason. Several years ago I found out some people from Indiana really liked this movie a lot, but that’s Indiana for you… I think that the two main characters are very charming and this movie is good at certain moments, but over all it is kind of a mess and a good sign of what the dark age from Disney during the 1970s and 1980s had to offer.

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