Live and Let Die (1973)

Last time it was frogs. This time it is crocodiles. I’m starting to think the early 1970s had an understandable fascination with reptiles and amphibians.

This James Bond movie has James Bond take on a bunch of black people when he goes to Harlem and finds a group of black guys working at a place called Filet of Soul. This place is run by a guy named Mr. Big and Bond then goes to an island where he discovers a large amount of drugs being grown.

Apparently, the villain’s plan in this movie is to grow the drugs in secret and then have them sold by Mr. Big in Harlem. In a plot twist Bond finds out that the guy in charge of the island and Mr. Big are actually the same person but the woman in the movie who tells fortunes for Mr. Big is captured and Bond has to go save her from the island while encountering a skeletal looking guy who laughs a lot named Baron Samedi.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet from reading this we are starting to get into the Bond movies that are really campy and don’t make a lot of sense. I actually had to think a good deal to tell what the plot was even though I just saw the movie, which should give you an idea of how dumb and unnecessarily convoluted this movie actually is and that is pretty impressive considering with all of that plot there isn’t much about this movie worth remembering either.

Aside from combining Bond with black culture during the early 1970s, which had its own genre of movies called blaxploitation, and this combination does not work too well, there isn’t much to write home about with this one. By far the best scene in the movie is the very long boat chase that occurs when Bond escapes from a crocodile farm and is chased by a bunch of guys. The boat chase is great and has some comic relief from a goofy sheriff named Peppar who would show up in both this and the next movie after this one.

Aside from the boat chase and a fight at the end of the movie with a guy with a hook for a hand named Teehee, seriously did they just make this stuff up as they went along? It worked for Diamonds Are Forever, but it’s starting to get old already. This movie is about as average and forgettable as the classic Bond series could possibly get.

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