Frogs (1972)

Ray Milland needed all of the alcohol he could get his hands on to show up in this.

The Frogs was a horror movie about frogs that attack some people when they have a party on an island. At the beginning people are killed off one at a time one of which is gassed in a greenhouse when a lizard knocks over some chemicals, but pretty soon the remaining people realize that there is something seriously wrong and some of them try to leave but they are mysteriously killed off screen.

A couple of the more important characters are killed when they also try to leave and eventually Ray Milland who plays an old guy in a wheelchair is the only character to still be at the house bound and determined to celebrate his birthday at the house. This movie is incredibly camp and I really think it says something that this is the best movie to come out of 1972 or at least the only movie I really enjoy from this year.

As silly as Frogs is I would say this was the low point of the decade and much better things will soon be on their way. I wouldn’t even know about this one if a friend of mine who knew I liked animals including frogs hadn’t given me this movie as a gift on DVD. I would like to thank that person for making me aware of not only this but many other wonderful examples of camp another couple of which will be showing up soon with this blog. In the mean time keep croaking.

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