Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Several of the locations in this movie were absolutely gorgeous such as the exterior of this chapel in the middle of the Nevada desert.

This was the next movie in the James Bond series. It is about some smugglers who steal diamonds and smuggle them into the United States. James Bond must infiltrate the group and find out why they are stealing the diamonds and what is happening to them. He does this by having a pretty impressive fight with a guy in an elevator before knocking him over a railing and sending him to his death.

This is one of several brutal kills during the movie and some of those are done by two of the villains in this movie such as when they drown one of their cohorts in a river and their body is later found while they take pictures from nearby. Bond has his hands full in this movie but the character does pretty well when he is played yet again by Connery who was brought back to the series when Lazenby had one movie as Bond but it bombed pretty badly with people who wanted more of Connery.

Fortunately for us all, Lazenby hadn’t wanted to make anymore movies in the series because he thought he could do better but the rest of his movies are totally forgotten and for good reason, too, since he really wasn’t that good of an actor. Anyway Bond goes to Las Vegas in the United States and quickly infiltrates the tower of a rich guy named Willard Whyte, but while he is in the tower he finds out that Blofeld is once again behind everything and this time plans to use a satellite to hold the entire world for ransom.

This really is one of the campiest movies in the entire series and most people can’t remember this one. There is good reason for that since this movie really is an oddity and it is the only movie in the entire series with an actor who had already played the Bond role previously but nonconsecutively. Everything about this movie is early 1970s bouncing between zany humor such as a moon buggie chase scene and a large amount of menace/cruelty from characters such as Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd who blow up helicopters and kill comedians.

This all finishes up with a pretty great battle scene between some helicopters and an oil rig. After the previous movie had bombed so incredibly hard this was probably the first time in the series that they had to claw their way back to the top of the pile again but at least this time around they did that pretty damn well.

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