Rio Lobo (1970)

Rio Lobo is the third of the Rio Bravo trilogy with John Wayne. It is also Howard Hawkes’ final movie. You can tell that Hawkes wanted to go out on a high note because while a lot of this movie tried to adapt to the times, which were pretty damn cynical and sometimes not very pleasant they managed to retain that charm that showed up in a lot of Wayne’s movies.

Wayne is in fine form with this one and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was my favorite movie of his, even if I must admit that it is far from being his best movie. I just like that early 1970s feel to it with the way it ambles along and doesn’t rush too much. The guitar music at the beginning really sets up the movie. It’s a campy, moody, gritty western but it’s also one that while not everybody might enjoy it I think fans of westerns such as myself could really appreciate it. Check it out at least once.

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