Silver Streak (1976)

Apparently, black face was still sometimes done in the 1970s, which was a pretty racially charged decade. I wonder what Redd Foxx thought of this scene?

Silver Streak is about an ordinary guy on a train who gets caught up in a murder conspiracy when he sees a dead guy drop past the window of his train compartment. He goes to the room of the guy who has been murdered to investigate whether the guy is actually dead or not and gets thrown off of the train by a large guy who would play Jaws in a couple of James Bond movies after this movie came out.

It’s interesting to realize that Jaws actually started out with this movie. The guy ends up getting knocked off of the train a couple of times and also meets both Richard Pryor, a famous comedian at the time, making this sort of a buddy cop movie before those were a thing and the guy who had played the sheriff in a couple of James Bond movies before this movie came out. I thought this movie was really entertaining. It had a lot of good action and I think this movie is worth checking out if you like thriller movies from the 1970s.

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