True Grit (1969)

Wayne does not abide personal insults.

True Grit was a western with John Wayne about a marshall who is employed by the daughter of a man who was shot by a no good convict that had been working for them. They set out together with some help from a marshall played by Glen Campbell to catch the man and make him pay for his transgressions. They finally reach a cabin where they have an encounter with somebody who is in cahoots with the murderer and they have a small fight but both criminals are alive to have a showdown with Wayne and the girl at the end of the movie.

This leads to probably one of the best scenes I have ever seen in a western when Wayne charges towards a bunch of guys on horseback while shooting a gun in each hand. This is a pretty good western and it has one of those memorable moments in cinema. It also gave Wayne the Oscar he had been deserving to get for a while before that. I think they chose the right movie to give Wayne the Oscar for because I can’t think of any character he ever played who was more memorable than Cogburn. As a matter of fact the only time to my knowledge Wayne ever played the same character again was in a sequel to this movie, which we will be getting to during the 1970s.

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