Swiss Family Robinson (1960)

Eye of the tiger.

This movie is about a family that is on a ship before the ship crashes during a storm into some rocks and the family goes ashore on a nearby island. While they are there they encounter pirates, find some animals and even make themselves their very own treehouse, which is based off of the fort at the Disney parks.

I’ve been to the treehouse at the parks before. It is a great place to be and the movie is a real blast, too. The main plot revolves around them trying to get back to civilization, but they also receive another member of their group with Roberta who is in disguise as a cabin boy but later on similar to Samus from the Metroid games they find out is actually a woman.

My favorite part of this movie would be the race they have while riding on animals. However, the show down at the end against the dreaded pirates is also pretty good, too, because they rely on a lot of neat inventions to stall the pirates until reinforcements can arrive. This movie is for all ages and I am sure that you will enjoy it for its wonderful visuals, which I have not seen in any other movie quite to this calibre.

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