Pit and the Pendulum (1961)

Vincent Price sure knows how to make a guest feel at home…

Vincent Price has another horror movie about a guy who thinks his wife is dead but she might actually still be alive. He goes to her coffin and finds a body inside that looks like it had been struggling to escape before they died, which pushes Price right over the edge into almost self destruction. His sister saves him from himself but he hears the voices of his supposedly dead wife, which lure him to where she was buried and she chases him right into the torture chamber that his father owned when Price’s character was just a child.

Price has his revenge against the two people who were responsible for driving him crazy but in his insanity he puts the identity of the cheater upon another guy and attempts to kill him as well until both his butler and his sister show up to save the guy. Price ultimately meets his demise in the pit.

I actually really liked this movie because it pushed the line through out the entire movie without I think ever going across it. A couple of people are killed but none of the murders are either shown that much or that graphic. We also get a pretty good cliffhanger, which wasn’t actually a cliffhanger because there are no more movies after this one, but the woman he locked in the iron maiden, not to be confused with the band, is actually still in there. This is pretty interesting stuff…

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