On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

No, that is not actually Lex Luthor, but it is close, isn’t it?

James Bond has another movie and this time he has fallen head over heels for a woman who is the daughter of a mafia gangster. They spend a lot of time together and fortunately there is not too much focus on this because it could have dropped the movie like a deadweight. Really we just get one montage of them together and it’s back to the main plot again.

I won’t surprise anybody when I say I don’t like this one too much. I’ve been complaining about how it caused the movie series to veer away from what made it so great for years. However, what surprises me is the reason this time around I did not like it that much. This movie has an O.K. plot with Bond and the woman, but the main plot, the reason we watch these movies in the first place does not hold up at all.

I actually think this is one of the most ridiculous movies in the series when it comes to the villain plan. It is so incredibly late 1960s because Blofeld uses some serious psychedelia to put women into a trance and hypnotize them into helping him with his world ransom/domination plan. I really don’t think any of that would work at all.

Blofeld is O.K., but I like both the actor before Sevalas and after Sevalas more. While Pleasance added some serious pedigree to the character with his very impressive movie resume, Charles Gray on the other hand managed to make Blofeld truly entertaining with his campy acting. Sevalas on the other hand is just a sleaze ball so in other words typical Sevalas.

Many people have mentioned the ending when it comes to the movie and I will have to agree with most people when I say what a kick to the groin it really is. However, in defense of the ending, this movie was made in 1969… and as anybody who watches movies from the late 1960s can tell you, not a phase of cinema I really like that much. Fortunately, things would do a 180 when the early 1970s showed up, which is a phase I like a lot. Every movie and I can’t think of any exceptions made in 1969 had a major character get killed off, even the more upbeat and better ones such as True Grit. It was just a sad time for movies, and things would go truly off the rails with characters being killed during the next movie we will get to when shit gets real…

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