You Only Live Twice (1967)

“Not this again,” thinks Connery for a couple of years.

You Only Live Twice was another movie in the Bond series and the last one with Connery before the next Bond would take over for one movie. By this time the series had definitely sunk a good deal. What must have seemed like a great advancement at the time, now a days comes across as kind of stodgy. While this movie is more interesting than Thunderball it was still kind of weak. The biggest issue with this one is that it doesn’t really stand out in any way aside from the finale, which is definitely one of the better ones in the series.

I must admit that having Pleasance play Blofield who would go on to be in the Halloween series was a great idea. Also, the final action scene in the volcano base was pretty good, even if the ninjas were kind of corny. This movie takes place in Japan, one of the first movies to do this in a long time since for a couple of decades before this things were not too good between Japan and America due to the bomb and the aftermath of the war. This movie breaks down some barriers between the two countries, which is nice to see and they make the most of the movie taking place in Japan with the culture and tradition, both of which mean a lot in Japan, and everything.

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