Berserk! (1968)

Three of those characters will be dead by the end of the movie.

Joan Crawford has one of her final movies in Berserk when she plays a woman who is in charge of a circus. Even though Crawford’s career was almost over being the alpha queen she was she went out in a blaze of glory with this one, my favorite movie of hers. This might be the closest I have ever seen an actress come to being Bela Lugosi. At the end of a long and successful career like most aging actors she faded away by showing up in at least one B horror movie but she still made it her own in classy fashion. Crawford isn’t the only thing to like about this movie either.

There is a lot of great circus footage, too, some of which is uncomfortable for the meek to watch such as an elephant stepping over people. This being a horror movie, there is of course the usual intrigue that occurs with a couple of grisly murders and a really campy yet epic reveal of the murderer at the end of the movie before they escape. Crawford’s acting combined with some decent writing fill the earlier parts of the movie with a good deal of suspense and I really don’t think you could have asked for anything more from this bare bones, basic movie. It’s pretty great.

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