House of Wax (1953)

Vincent Price was the guy with the box and he’s going to put that face in wax.

Vincent Price is in this horror movie about a guy who has a wax museum but it is burned down by the guy’s partner. He decides to have his revenge against the guy responsible for not only burning all of his prized figures that he has created but also for causing his face and body to become badly burned so that he has to wear a mask also made of wax and do most of his moving around in a wheelchair.

Fortunately for him, this last point also gives him a pretty good alibi when he starts to kill people so that he can have figures for his new museum. This is a pretty good movie. I love the atmosphere of this one and I will have to agree with Price that the main actress in this movie is charming, although maybe not enough to have her preserved for all of eternity…

One final point I would like to make with this article is that this was the very first movie for Charles Bronson of all things to be in, although it was a very minor role and he didn’t even have any dialogue. A couple of cops at the end of the movie say something very interesting about the mask of Charles Bronson having a long beard when he gets back out of prison. That was an interesting note to end on and almost seems prophetic like they intended that as a message because Bronson of course would go on to a pretty good career that might have even overshadowed Price himself.

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