Odd Couple (1968)

A couple of great actors and comedians right there.

Odd Couple is about a neurotic guy who moves in with a friend of his but ends up driving his friend crazy with how incredibly neat he is. The two of them go well together as a comedy duo and this movie also worked as what I have never seen but could only imagine is also an amazing stageplay. It has a Sanford and Son sort of feel with the comedy, even though this was out a couple of years before that.

I really like this kind of humor and while other things such as Barney Miller later on would be probably better this was also pretty good. Anyway I just think this is great comedy from the late 1960s and while a couple parts of this movie, ironically or not the trendy for the time parts, are kind of dated now particularly an unnecessary part at the beginning that really hasn’t held up, this movie can be enjoyed and quoted by just about anybody.

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