Invisible Man (1933)

Barns are burning…

Invisible Man was a horror movie about a guy who turns himself invisible, thus the invisible man. He isn’t content just to be invisible, though. Even though at the beginning he attempts to go back again to the way he was before without much success due to the meddling from everybody’s favorite actress, screechy ass Una O’Connor.

He eventually decides that he would like to take over the country/world all on his own with a little help from an assistant professor who seems to want the invisible man where he belongs, dead/in prison. The invisible man finds out about his partner’s treachery and threatens that he will make the guy pay for it, which despite the best efforts of the police force he does by rolling the poor guy on a death ride down a hill.

The invisible man does eventually meet his come uppance, as all horror villains from this time must do. I personally like the mummy movies more because usually the mummy knew when to be quiet and just get the job done while invisible man sometimes enjoys going on long Shakespearean tangents of how he would like to rule the world because in the words of Tears for Fears, “Everybody wants to rule the world”, even the invisible man.

It doesn’t help that this was one of Claude Rains’ first movies and he over acts a lot in this movie, but that is exactly what they were looking for, I watched the documentary on the making of this movie and they deliberately went for somebody with a memorable voice, which they succeeded on. Despite an incredibly unpolished Raines spouting off at the mouth, this is an O.K. movie that I think you will enjoy a little bit at least.

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