Invisible Man Returns (1940)

Next time the scarecrow goes to Oz, he’ll probably be wishing for some more pants… Now there’s a joke worthy of our favorite horror host, Koz.

After the previous scientist to become the invisible man was killed at the end of the previous movie, his predecessor has realized the danger of the drug that is used to cause invisibility. However, they are obligated to use it anyway when a friend of theirs is arrested for murder and about to be executed even though he did not do it and was framed by somebody else.

Vincent Price in an early movie role, you can hardly even recognize his voice because it doesn’t really have that unique sound yet that his voice would gain later on, becomes invisible and in sort of a fugitive situation outruns the police who are after him while at the same time catches the two people who are responsible for the murder and him being in prison.

While this movie is enjoyable, it’s incredibly light and disposable as well. It’s not as good as the first movie in the series and there were a couple of later ones that were more memorable because they had different situations. This one on the other hand just doesn’t stand out enough from the rest to be that great. Still it is mildly entertaining and it’s most interesting to see Vincent Price in an early movie role for him, even if he is only really visible at the very end of the movie when he regains his visibility.

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