Mummy’s Curse (1944)

This one is about as podunk as you could possibly get.

We finish the mummy series on a really campy note with this one featuring everybody’s favorite sleaze, Martin Koslek, once again as a beta male who works for a priest but has aspirations of his own to get a woman he has a personal interest in and have her for his own. The character in this movie that impresses me the most, though, would be the woman that is uncovered with some excavation equipment and after taking a dip into a river while coming back to civilization ends up looking totally fresh again.

She even helps out this guy with his Egyptian writing he has been working on. I think the idea of this movie officially not giving a damn and going full on camp was a good idea because it makes this movie more interesting than the previous couple of movies in the series by officially shedding any idea of having aspirations to be anything better than what it actually is. That being said the movie series really could not have gone on any longer than it actually had. This probably was the bottom rung when it comes to monster movie series and we would only see the classic mummy once more when it encounters Abbott and Costello.

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