Mummy’s Hand (1940)

You could always count on Zucco to cause you to have an early demise…

Mummy’s Hand was a sequel to the original Mummy movie and this is much better in pretty much every way. I usually think that the 1940s were much better than the 1930s when it comes to movies because they actually did more during the 1940s. This time instead of having Karloff cursing people, it’s the classic mummy wandering around and killing people. This is what you watch the mummy series for, at least I do when I do watch them. It really delivers, too, and gives us a couple of great actors such as George Zucco from Scared to Death, Dick Foran from Horror Island and last but not least that guy from the Ape Man who played the goofy reporter. You should enjoy this one a little like I did.

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