Mummy’s Tomb (1942)

Gather around, people, while we bore you off your ass for an hour and five minutes. Yippey!

This movie takes place many years after the events of the previous movie, which is probably the first mistake this movie makes. If the previous movie took place at the current time and it seems, too, what kind of time does this movie take place in? That is hardly the biggest issue this movie has, though.

The mummy sets out for revenge against the two people who were responsible for defeating him in the previous movie and kills both of them pretty quickly. Then the movie turns into a simple case of the guy who is in charge of the mummy having his mummy that is now working as a mindless slave, a big drop from two movies ago when Karloff as the mummy was clearly in charge, capturing a woman in a highly generic plan to use her to keep the line going of mummy keepers.

This leads to the guy getting shot pretty quickly anyway and in probably one of the worst moments I have ever seen in recent memory from a production stand point the townspeople chase the mummy around while it is integrated with very obvious shots from Frankenstein, including of all things a scene when they are paddling down a river, which is understandable when it was done in Frankenstein but here makes no sense at all and is so incredibly random as to be laugh out loud funny, the first moment this movie series falls into obvious parody.

This leads to the mummy going into a house where the house is set on fire and the main lead saves his woman from the mummy by climbing off of a second story balcony. This was clearly not one of the better movies from this time and aside from the somewhat thrilling ending this movie is actually pretty damn mediocre and kind of depressing. I sure hope the next movie is better than this one was or these mummy sequels are even worse than I remember them being and that I can tell you… is truly saying something. Oof.

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