Mummy (1932)

Doesn’t he just look so peaceful in this shot? I suppose you could say this was one of his more quiet moments…

The Mummy is a movie about Karloff who is the mummy and wants to be reunited with his long lost, very long lost bride who is also a mummy but has also been reincarnated within the body of an ordinary woman. This leads to an interesting love triangle with this other guy who is the son of the archaeologist that discovered the tomb of the mummy in the first place.

We also get that one guy who showed up in both Dracula and Frankenstein and this time around he actually survives, but the ultimate demise of the mummy is not actually brought about by him like it was in Dracula. This time they have to rely on some Egyptian magic to defeat the mummy and some intervention from one of the divine gods.

I personally would take any of a dozen other horror movies over this one and there’s a reason despite being in the mid 1960s with my blog it took me this long to get around to this one from the early 1930s. That being said there are some movies that followed this one and I thought were just a little bit better because at least they got things moving.

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