Green for Danger (1946)

Alistair Simms with his favorite piece of furniture, a swivel chair.

This was a pretty creepy mystery about a guy who ends up at the hospital during the war after he is hit by the explosion from a bomb. While the doctors attempt to help his recovery, he instead dies while under their care and Alistair Simm as a police detective must determine why the guy died and who was responsible for his death.

A couple other murders/attempted murders also occur during this time including an incredibly atmospheric/creepy murder that occurs in an operating theater at night when a nurse tries to get a crucial piece of evidence from a glass cabinet.

Everybody looks suspicious for one reason or another. However, this will probably be one of the easier mysteries to solve, if you are paying attention. That being said, Simm allows us to come along for an entertaining ride through the movie while bombs from the war drop in the background.

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