Spiral Staircase (1946)

This movie was dark in more ways than one…

This movie is about a woman who is in a house in the country and there might be a murderer after her who is also a member of the same house she is in. It’s basically a mystery but it also has a good deal of suspense because there is no detective present and the next potential victim has to figure out who the killer is on her own, which makes the entire deal much more personable than usual.

We get a lot of good atmosphere similar to the previous movie I did with this blog, although I would say this movie is a little more effective because instead of just one creepy scene, the entire movie is pretty dark and atmospheric. I also liked who ever the actress was that played the old, bedridden lady because she had some good one liners making the movie even more atmospheric and she has an important role at the end that you probably wouldn’t have expected of them.

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