Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966)

You’d better look out, ghosts, because Knotts is on to you.

Don Knotts from the Andy Griffith show shows up in this movie about Knotts playing a reporter who investigates a supposedly haunted house. He finds out that there was somebody in town playing the organ instead of a ghost and it all leads to uncovering a murder mystery. He receives some pretty good assistance from a quirky care taker who has a long history with the place and an attractive young woman who seems to be for some reason the only person to actually believe Knotts when he talks about what happened to him when he spends a night in the house.

This is a goofy, fun movie and a good way to start winding down all of the horror movies I’ve been going through from the previous decades. From this movie onwards there will be other horror movies but pretty much all of them are going to look like this one, campy comedic horror movies. It’s nice seeing Knotts in something that is not actually Andy Griffith and we also get a small appearance from the same guy who played the drunk in the Andy Griffith show at the beginning of this movie. If you like Andy Griffith, you will probably like this movie, too.

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